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About Me

My name is Matthew, welcome to Inspire to Venture! Intangible Entrepreneur by day, a father by night and when I have time, I build sites, apps, online businesses and run on sentences for fun. Seriously, my grammar is atrocious, be warned. My current passion involves a great deal of entrepreneurship relating to online ventures, apps and software.

I have always wanted to own and operate my own business which would allow me the freedom to spend more time at home with my family and to travel.

I invite you along on this adventure as I go forth and try to do what so many have done before me in this online area; create a thriving online business through internet marketing, software and app ventures. I am hoping my experiences, successes and failures will provide inspiration for your own ventures.

Who I Am

Faith and Family
Coding Skills
Sweet Tooth
Work Ethic

My Story

I served in the military for eight years. I am a cancer and college survivor (with my convictions intact). I spent four years as a lead developer of a successful online business. I currently reside somewhere in the United Sates but not in Alaska, unfortunately (I cannot seem to convince my wife to move there, “it’s too cold”). I am in my late 30’s and still like to watch cartoons. That’s the short of it.

navy uniformI joined the Navy in 1998 as an Electronics Technician. I spent the next eight years in the service. I got to see the world, went through lots of schools and many adventures. I taught satellite communications for my last three years in San Diego. In that time I also earned an associate’s degree in Electronics Technology and started dabbling in programming.

I left the Navy in 2006. Within the same week we found out that my wife was pregnant with our second child and that I was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Bitter sweet was an understatement. Long story short, doctors gave me 50/50 shot and aggressively moving through my system. After lots of chemotherapy, prayers and a rather large surgery, the cancer went into remission. Those were the craziest two years of my life.

After a long recovery, I had to start thinking of what I was going to do professionally. I had a new lease on life and did not want to be just another bean counter. I knew that I could not use the electronics skill set I had learned in the Navy for a normal job, the risk of the cancer returning from the various jobs that I could do was too great. I had the entrepreneur drive to build some kind of online business, but lacked the skill set. So back to college I went. I graduated in 2010 from SOU with a bachelors in computer science, minoring in business.

blank graduation pictureI started working on my first full website in 2009, solely based on a Google AdSense business model. Like many before me, I had an idea, thought it was cool and had dreamed of success!  I spent about a year developing the full by my self.  I remember the day I officially launched this “cool” new site and as soon as I hit the button to make it live I had a dreadful realization that online ventures were not going to be as easy as I thought. How were people supposed to even FIND my site?? This was something I didn’t even think about, in fact the whole idea of SEO was foreign to me. Needless to say, it failed utterly.

More Experience Required

I had a paper degree with a decent development skill set, what I didn’t have was real world working knowledge of the online industry.  In 2011 I sitting at ocean workingtook a job as the lead developer for a successful internet company.   For the next four years I built out some amazing systems, worked with some of the best in the industry and learned a lot.   While it was difficult to give up, I was also eager to try the entrepreneur game again.

If you are going to pursue a self employment carrier, its always wise to have a side income to step into before you resign from your job. That’s great advice, unfortunately in the real world it’s not always that simple. You can prepare and save but sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and that’s what we did.

April 30 of 2015 I resigned from my job to pursue that dream of entrepreneurship.

Purpose of This Blog

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to follow their own dreams of entrepreneurship from my example.  I want to show how to take an idea and commit it through to fruition.  I will be featuring this through:

  • Case Studies
  • Financial reports
  • Personal Experience
  • How To’s

I promise to be as transparent and honest as I can about my personal ventures, success or fail.  I love to read actual case studies of others who have created successful and failed online businesses. They are honest, insightful and fearless.  Many of the projects you work on will fail, but it’s being able to learn from those experiences, not give up and apply them to the next venture. It’s just a matter of time before you do succeed.

Don’t give up, that golden egg is always right around the corner!