Amazon Affiliate Case Study: Income Report for November 2015!

At the end of June of 2015, I launched an Amazon affiliate site that is part of a case study focusing on ultra-low competition keywords with zero back-links.

It has now been five months and we are starting to see its fruits.  This is the first earnings & traffic report for this project and I am excited to share the results!

About Me and Amazon Affiliate Sites

I like to dabble in several different intangible online entrepreneur ventures. Many of those include building software, e-commerce sites, Android & iOS apps and AdSense based niche sites.

This particular project was my first venture into the Amazon affiliate world.  On top of that, I was following a very specific strategy that involved NO active back linking.  This goes against the stereotypical SEO rules where a site’s main reliance on SERP is dependent on high quality back links.

The site is now generating a passive income (see below) but the learning experience was invaluable.  In hindsight, I made some mistakes and while the site is producing $, I believe it could be much more.

Amazon Affiliate Project Review: Summary & Goals

The purpose of this case study was to follow a very specific strategy where all our pages are based on ultra-low competition keyword phrases.  This involved the combination of the following:

  • Focusing on keywords with search volumes as low as 20 searches a month (supply)
  • Keywords with AllInTitle results less than the search volume (demand)

In essence, every article we write is based on keywords/phrases with high demand and ultra-low competition.

In brief, here are some of the project goals.  You can read more about the specific Amazon affiliate site strategy HERE:

  • Make $500 in the first six months. A very lofty goal, but why not shoot for the stars.
  • Content Quantity. Launch one article a day for 30 days, then one article a week for the next 11 months. That’s a total of 72 articles.
  • 80/20 Content Rule. 80% of the articles will be product focused, while the other 20% will be support ‘informational’ Each product review article covered 3-5 products from Amazon and were 600-1000 words.
  • No Back Linking. All traffic will be organic, generated from ultra-low competitive keywords.
  • Six Month Maturity. At the time of this earnings report, the site is only 5 months old.  Sites like this do not fully mature until six months.

So how did we do?

Overall Traffic Report

The organic traffic was exactly what I expected from a niche site of this nature.  Check out the results:

Amazon Affiliate Traffic Report November 2015

The first three months, much of the traffic was very minimal.  I believe the site was still in Google’s sandbox. But you can still see the gradual increase of traffic month over month.

By month three traffic was doubling month to month.  November had 1,200 sessions!

I do have sites that can easily generate this kind of traffic daily, what’s blowing my mind is that this strategy of focusing on ultra-low competition keywords with NO back linking is actually generating organic traffic!

While getting traffic is nice, converting traffic into a passive income as an Amazon affiliate site is the ultimate goal.

Amazon Affiliate Income Report for November

Truthfully, at the end of October I was starting to get a little worried.

The site had only generated a few dollars that month and I did not relish the idea of topping off this case study with only a few earned $ to show for all the effort.

But then in November everything changed.  It was like a light switch being flipped.  Traffic doubled from October and my earnings increased by 3,650%.
That % number sounds huge, but remember in October I only made $2.  The actual $ was not enough to recoup my total investment just yet, but enough to give me hope that this specific Amazon affiliate strategy could pay off in the long run.

I’ll let the raw data from Amazon to speak for itself:

Amazon Affiliate Income November 2015

There you have it, a grand total of $75.29 for the month of November.  My conversion rate was 9.22%.  I am ecstatic.

Overall Cumulative Income & Traffic Report

Take a look at the overall cumulative results:
Amazon Affiliate Cumulative November 2015

Overall this project has made a grand total of $80.33.  Not quite enough to pay for the project expenses of about $300.  But with the upward trend of traffic and income, the site should pay for itself in the next couple months.

Lessons Learned

Being my first foray into the Amazon affiliate world, I made some mistakes that I can now see.

I did a lot of experimentation with Amazon call to actions in the 40+ articles written for the site.  I found a few killer configurations with high conversion rates.  Having those killer configurations from the start would have increased my earnings.

The central product theme was also a little too expensive, especially for Amazon.  How many people want to buy a $400 item without touching it?  I sure wouldn’t.  But, people are searching for those items in Google using ‘buying terms’, so there is a need and that’s why I focused on it.  Still, it may have been a little too niched.

Along with the issue above, the products I reviewed were a little too unique, so after five months I am finding a lot of my reviews are leading to broken or non-existent products on Amazon.

Needless to say; I learned A LOT from this project.  If you want to know more about that, take a look at the six lessons I learned from my first Amazon affiliate site.

I am looking forward to next month’s report, hopefully the upward trend continues.

  What do you think?