Amazon Affiliate Site: Finding a Killer Niche

Welcome to part 2 of our Amazon affiliate case study.  The result of this case study if done right should be a site that requires no back linking and should bring in about $250 of passive income per month.  This strategy involves creating an Amazon affiliate site where each page is a focused on ultra low keyword competition with low monthly search volumes.

In this part of the cast study well focus on finding that killer niche affiliate site idea.  More to the point, how do we find a topic to focus our site on?

How To Find an Affiliate Website Idea

Before starting any keyword research, we must first find the niche topic that this sites world will live in.  This is important as it will govern the project from this point on.  If this was a simple PPC (pay per click) type of site, this would be an easier task since most of the articles would involve “how too” or pure informational type of articles surrounding a single keyword.   For this Amazon affiliate site we need to find a product that has many sub products that we can write massive amounts of contents/reviews on that all sound original and unique.

By far the best place to go to start looking for niche affiliate site ideas are through the Amazon best seller listings.

Amazon Best Sellers List

Amazozn Best Sellers List

The great thing about the Amazon best sellers listings is that they are doing a majority of the work for you already.   The hardest part of testing the validity of an idea is testing to see if a market exist.  If there is no demand, there is no need for a supply.  I personally have wasted to many days chasing ideas where there was not even a market.  Most of the products on these best seller lists are great niche site jumping off points.  These are product’s that are best sellers, trending or overall top rated.

The first thing you should do is choose a department that you are interested in.  Your going to be doing ALOT of content writing, so choose a department that interest you, that you have some experience in.   Don’t select the “Camera & Photo” department if that’s not your cup of tea.

For the example of this case study I’m going to select “Kitchen & Dining“.

Next, skim the first couple result pages and look for similar type objects that share a theme.   As I skim the first page I see three similar products that share a theme, which to me is screaming for attention.  One of those products is currently rated in the number two spot, Brita Water Filters.   Skimming the rest of page one I also notice different sets of water filters also taking up spaces in position 17 and 18 .  Walter filters seem to be a good selling item, there’s definitely a market for them.

Amazon Best Seller Niche Analyzing

Amazon Best Seller Niche Analyzing


Amazon Best Seller Niche Analyzing 2

Amazon Best Seller Niche Analyzing 2

Now that we have a possible affiliate site idea about water filters, the next big question is how many different water filter products are there on Amazon?  Remember we are not in the business of creating “how to” type of articles, leave those to the PPC’ers.  We need to write content that focuses on users searching the internet with the intent of buying.  We are going to need at least 30 articles with 3-5 product reviews.  That’s at least 90 unique products that will need to be reviewed, just to get the site up and going.

We have verified there is a demand, what does the supply look like? Enough of a supply to write a whole site around.

So the next thing to do are some simple Amazon searches for water filters.

Amazon Verification Product Search

Amazon Verification Product Search

We get over 70k results spread over numerous categories!  There is definitely an ample supply of products to review.

So far so good.  We have come up with an Amazon affiliate site idea, focusing in on the water filter niche.  These are currently ranking in the best sellers list and there is an ample supply of products to review.  Were almost ready to start our keyword research.

At this point we have a very important question we need to ask our selves.

Can We Stay Focused In This Niche?

Is this something that we would want to write about for the next year?   We will have to write 30 articles in the first month and then one article a week for the next year.  That’s 74 articles in one year.

Lets break it down even more. 

If we follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of the site will be pure product reviews and the other 20% will be support articles, then that’s about 59 articles that will be focused just on products.  That’s anywhere between 177 and 295 products that will need to be reviewed.  Its not too hard to write a good product review if you know what to look for, the harder part is coming up unique article introductions that are 200 words in length for 74 articles.  That’s not easy.

So what ever niche you decided to focus on for an affiliate site, ensure its something that you have some experience in and something that will not get bored of writing about.

When you write, it needs to be content that adds to the value of the product your talking about, no fluff.  With such an affiliate heavy site we are allready riding the thin content penalty line with Google.  If were to do this, were going to do this right and ensure all our content is helpful and insightful.

Take a walk, think about it.  And if you are sure this is something you would be interested in over the long haul, commit to it.

The next step is the niche keyword research phase.   This will be the make or break of an idea.

We need to ensure that this seemly golden goose of a niche has not already been beaten to death by other like minded internet affiliate entrepreneur’s.

I intended to go into keyword research with this post as well, but I’m out of room!  Well have to save that for next weeks post.  Stay tuned, things are going to tart getting very existing.

What do you think?  Do you have any interesting ways to find a good niche website?