Amazon Affiliate Site : Launching Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

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This is the last post in our Amazon affiliate niche site case study.  We have set forth a strategy based on ultra low keywords,  researched our keywords, built the site using WordPress and then wrote about 40 articles for launch.

Now all we have to do is launch it!

Before we toggle off the “Coming Soon” page and open our site up to the world, there is one more important task to complete.

Article Scheduling

As mentioned in our last blog post, we will need to launch one article per day for 30 days.  Then one a week for the next year.  That’s 72 total articles we will need, which should be a mix of both product and support articles.  But for this launch we only need about 40, which will get us through the first couple months.

So the next item on the list is to go through each article and set the AUTO publish dates.   The easiest way to do this is to view all your articles on the POST page in WordPress, then select the “Quick Edit” feature and set the future publish date.

Remember, one article a day for 30 days, then one a week after that.

Quick Edit WordPress Posts

Quick Edit WordPress Posts


Setting Future Publish Date

Setting Future Publish Date


The beauty of this is that it’s all automated.  So you could go on a week vacation (wouldn’t that be nice lol) and WordPress will keep working for you.



Everything is set to go, you’re ready to launch!

If you are using a “Coming Soon” page WordPress plugin, it’s time to turn it off.  This will allow the world and more important the search engines to start crawling your site.

Keep in mind, since we are only launching one article a day, your site will look bare at first.  That’s ok, the point is we want Google to see that this is not just another simple niche site, but that we are actively adding content to it every day.  Let Google see you grow, to see that you are being relevant which will help you rank faster.


After You Launch

You still have a few things to do before you can totally relax.  Now that the outside world can see your site, small as it is for now, you need to get it wired into some third party tracking analytic tools.  These will allow you to make strategic changes in the future.

Google Webmaster Tools

Also known as the Google Search Console.  This is your go to place to let Google know your site is alive and screaming for attention.  Here you can get deep insights into how Google views your site, errors, search queries and all kinds of cool metric data.  This would also be a good time to add your Sitemap.xml to Google.

Google Analytics

The next step will be to wire Google Analytics up to your site.  This involves creating a Google Analytics account and adding your site information.  Once you sign up, they will give you a tracking code to place in your site.  Most themes will have a special location to place this tracking code.

What does Google analytics do?  Amazing things ;  ), you will be able to see what people are doing on your site, bounce rates, popular pages and most important, referrals.  How are people finding your site, where are they coming from?  All this can be gathered from Google Analytics.  So cool.

Article Checkups

While your articles are set to auto publish them-selves, check back every couple of days to make sure they are being published appropriately.  Also keep in mind that the server time will not be your time.  So if you set an article to be published at 2pm, it may not be 2pm your time, but the servers time.


Amazon Niche Site Expectations

It’s hard to not get excited when you launch.  You almost expect a wave of people hitting your site as soon as it’s live, but usually it’s the opposite.

Remember the strategy we employed with this case study is a long term one based off of ultra low competition keywords with no back linking.  The traffic we are expecting is going to be pure organic search traffic.

It can take up to 6 months for one of these sites to show its true potential.  And this depends on how well we wrote our content and whether we chose a good product idea for this niche site.

So now it’s a waiting game.

What do you think?  How soon have you gotten a ROI from your niche site?