Amazon Affiliate Site Case Study

I am starting a new Amazon affiliate site case study that will follow my efforts in creating an affiliate site solely based on “All In Title” ultra-low competitive keywords.

This “All in Title” keyword strategy is going to follow the same format specified in a podcast on where Claire Smith outlined a business model that focuses on Amazon affiliate sites using low searched and low competition tactics based around “all in title” keywords.

While Amazon affiliate niche sites have been around for a while now, what really floored people about Claire’s strategy is that she has never done ANY back linking to any of her sites and is still making a five digit income per month. This is different from the standard niche affiliate sites where 80% of the site are support articles with about 20% being affiliate based.  These sites are engineered around ONE keyword with supporting articles. Claire’s strategy is almost mirror opposite, where 80% of the site are product review articles with maybe 20% being support articles that are still being monetized in one way or another.

Insanity! But it is working for her.

So how does this work, how do these affiliate product heavy sites get pass Googles’ thin content penalties?

It’s very simple actually, each article is a based on a phrase that has ultra-low volume searches. Google indexes these because it’s starved content. Meaning people are using these terms in searches but no one has created sites to fulfill those search results.

Is this really possible? Can you really create an affiliate website solely on ultra-low competition keywords with NO BACKLINKING?

This is what I intend to find out. Once the site is finished I will follow up with monthly income and usage reports. Stay tuned, this should be fun!

I have broken this case study up into five parts for ease of reading:

Part 1:  Amazon Affiliate Website Creation Strategy

Part 2:  Finding a Killer Niche Site Idea

Part 3:  Niche Keyword Research Tutorial Part 1

Part 4: Niche Keyword Research Tutorial Part 2

Part 5:  Creating The Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Using WordPress

Part 6: Content Writing & Strategies

Part 7: Launching Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Appendix A: Income & Traffic Report: First Five Months

Appendix B: 6 Lessons I Learned From My First Amazon Affiliate Site